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Gifting Through Lifelong Impact
SEK has operated as a non-denominational Christian Therapeutic Intensives Program supporting adolescents ages 13 - 17. To keep SEK accessible to all families, parents are charged a set $2,500 per child. The rest comes from the generosity of our donors and sponsors. 
SEK could not accomplsih anything without the on-going financial support of those who believe in supporting youth through Christ. 
Please consider supporting SEK and expanding the healing of mind, body, and spirit.
Sponsorshp Levels
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Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors and community partners. Because of their support, SEK is able to award camp scholarships, support camp families, raise awareness, provide creative and unique intensive experientials, and empower self discovery for each of our campers. SEK could not accomplish any of this without your generous support. 
Sponsorship Options
Support Devotional Hours
Sponsor Snack-Time & Social Hours
Sponsor SEK Experientials
Sponsor a SEK Camper
General Fund & Staff Support
General Fund
The General Fund is designed to support all administrative, logistics and Day-to-Day Operations of Camp SEK. 
Staff Support
The majority of our team are volunteers and self fund throughout each SEK Camp Session. Please consider giving a on-time or on-going (monthly) gift to help our counselors and volunteers continue to support our campers on their journeys. 
SEK Donations are NOT Tax Deductible.
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