When 2 Passions Collide
Welcome to Farmlife Therapy
A Typical Day at SEK
Rise and Shine with the Sun!
6AM ~ Rise & Shine
7AM ~ Breakfast with Friends
7:30AM ~ Mindfulness
8AM ~ Morning Assembly
9:30AM ~ Morning Arts
10:45Am ~ Morning Therapy
1:15PM ~ Agriculture Hour
2:30PM ~ Afternoon Group Activity
3:45PM ~ Recreation Hour
5:00PM ~ Small Group Process 
5:30PM ~ Quiet Time in Cabins
7:00PM ~ Evening Devotion
We will start each day with a meditation and a message using farming and Christian lessons. Each participant will be placed in a group where they will remain for the whole week. The group will function as your child’s family for the week. We will teach social skills; work with farm animals; learn how to plant, grow, and harvest a Mississippi crop; eat farm to table meals; and learn therapy tools using experiences in nature such as bonfires, teambuilding, fishing, archery, and equine therapy.


You and your child will arrive at 10AM on June 12th and we will have a family day on Friday June 16th starting at 11AM.


Tanglewood in Lawrence MS


During SEK camp, your child will not be allowed to have their phones. We want them to take a sabbatical from the world and deeply immerse themselves in this healing process.