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Your child's safety is our PRIORITY.
We encourage curiosity, self discovery, and reaching beyond your comfort zone. During all activites, our staff makes every effort to keep your camper safe! 
SEK Safety Facts:
  • Camper to Staff Ratio: 2:1
  • All staff members are required to sign a Code of Conduct and Social Media Waiver.
  • Your camper's personal information, provided by you, is protected by HIPPA.
  • Parents are able to choose whether their camper's images are used and/or published. 
  • On-site nurse is available at times.

  • All medications are maintained and administered by a licensed nurse.

  • All staff undergo DMH Mental Health First Aid training.

  • All leadership staff hold CPR Certifications. 

SEK Background Checks & Licensing Requirements:
​​SEK performs extensive background checks on all staff and support staff
  • All staff undergo Criminal Background Checks
  • All staff undergo Child Abuse Background Checks
As authorized by law, for all employees, volunteers, and interns, documentation is maintained that a criminal records background check (including prior convictions under the Vulnerable Adults Act) and child abuse central registry check have been obtained for all employees and contractors and no information was received that would exclude the employee/volunteer/intern. (See Sections 43-15-6, 43-20-5, and 43-20-8 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated.) For the purpose of these checks, each employee/volunteer/contractor is fingerprinted and fingerprints are run as a part of the background check. Criminal Records background checks and child abuse central registry checks must be completed at hire and before contact with people served as required by the agency provider’s policies and procedures while the employee is employed with the agency provider.
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