More Details for Our Parents
SEK is designed to be accessible for all families. SEK is primarily funded through sponsorship and general support.

Families pay no more than $2,500 per child. 
SEK has 3 important ingredients: Christian principles, Agricultural lessons, and best mental health practice to help heal childhood grief and trauma. Trauma is a emotional wound.  
Treatment Philosophy
We Rise by Lifting Others
Despite personal hardship and tragedy, Dr. Alyssa Killebrew is committed to teaching younger generations how to thrive through proper sense of self, healthy personal choices, and compassion for others. 

·        I am a Christian and a clinical psychologist who believes that early intervention is key to preventing lifelong struggles with mental illness. Carl Jung knew that we we couldn't heal a person's mind without encouraging their spiritual growth. My own life has shown me time and time again that Jung was right. We need to be balanced in mind, body and spirit. 

·       Most of what ails us mentally comes from old childhood wounds. If we could start helping young people heal and regulate their emotions early in life, we could decease the likelihood of lifelong struggles with mental illness

·       After being a counselor for many years, I went back to school to become a psychologist so I could better understand DSM-V diagnoses and help build evidence based treatment protocols that have been proven to work

·       As a psychologist, I can diagnose and treat mental illness using the best clinical practices

·       Skills Before Pills: We teach skills before encouraging pills to treat mental health issues

·       Keath and I created these weeklong intensive therapy camps for adolescents and their families to deal with their trauma and grief in an environment that also teaches them about Mississippi Agriculture and Christianity. The following modalities are included: Christian biblical lessons, life skills, team building exercises, group therapy, healthy farm to table meals, and life lessons taught through agriculture. Recreational activities include: volleyball, laser tag, archery, horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, horseshoes, disk golf, yoga, nature trails, soccer, fishing, camp fire, and music.



You and your child will arrive at 10AM on June 12th and we will have a family day on Friday June 16th starting at 11AM.


Tanglewood in Lawrence MS


During SEK camp, your child will not be allowed to have their phones. We want them to take a sabbatical from the world and deeply immerse themselves in this healing process.