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SEK Camp 2024
  • What age does my child have to be to attend a SEK Intensive?
    SEK is open to young people between the ages of 12 and 18 during the time they attend camp.
  • Where is Camp SEK located?
    The intensive will be held at Camp Tanglewood in Lawrence, Mississippi. Address: 1403 Tanglewood Road Lawrence, Mississippi Directions: Take Exit 100 I-20 east. Go east on Hwy 80 for 3 miles. Take a right on Highway 505. Go 4 miles and take a right on Tanglewood Road. Go another 4 miles to the camp entrance. Look for the Camp Tanglewood gate with stone columns. Finally, turn left and go about 400 yards until you see the Lodge.
  • How does cabin bunking work?
    Campers will be split up by gender and age: Girls ages 13 to 15 Boys ages 13 to 15 Girls ages 16 to 17 Boys ages 16 to 17 Each cabin will hold up to twelve campers and two staff members of the same gender.
  • Does my child have to be Christian to attend SEK?
    We are open to all religions and backgrounds. While our curriculum is Christ-focused, it is not a strictly Christian camp.
  • What should my child pack for camp?
    Campers are only allowed one suitcase and a camp backpack. We recommend packing these summer camp essentials: Athletic clothing Socks Underwear T-shirts Long pants Shorts Hat Pajamas Toiletries Small backpack Towel Swimsuit Sunglasses Water Bottle or CamelBak Bible (optional) Journal Sleeping bags or linens for a twin bed Pillow Towels Personal toiletries Swimwear (girls' suits must cover their midriff) Water bottle Sunscreen Garbage bag for wet or dirty clothes Insect spray Flashlight Any medications they take on a regular basis Campers need to provide their own bedding and towels. They can either bring a sleeping bag or sheets and a light blanket for a standard twin bed. Several items are prohibited: mobile phones, iPods, any gaming device, mouthwash with alcohol, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and other contraband.
  • Is my child allowed to have their phone?
    To prevent distractions from the intensive, we do not allow campers to have their cell phones. You will be provided with the contact information of your child’s team leader in the event you need to reach them and we will allow a camper to call their parent at any point during the intensive.
  • How to contact my camper while at camp?
    While cellphones are not allowed during the intensive, your child’s camp counselor be the direct contact between you and your camper. You will be given contact information for this camp counselor before you leave your child at camp.
  • What happens if emergency medical attention is needed?
    Camp SEK (hosted at Tanglewood) takes the safety of your camper very seriously by trying to eliminate the possibility of a medical emergency at all possible. We will have two nurses on staff at all times during the intensive. The camp staff has basic first aid supplies, and AED American Defibrillators, which will only be given to the nurses if they are needed. Our camp staff is CPR certified and prepared for emergencies. If there is an emergency outside of basic first aid, the nurses will be responsible for transporting your camper to the nearest hospital or by ambulance. Our staff will be there to assist in any way they are needed. The closest hospital is located 17 miles from Camp Tanglewood in Forest, MS (Lackey Memorial Hospital).
  • What is not allowed at camp?
    Items that are strictly prohibited for campers to bring are: Mobile phones iPods Any gaming device Mouthwash with alcohol Pets Personal vehicles (for campers in high school) Pocket-knives (any blade) Firearms of any kind (even fake firearms) Tobacco products of all types Electronic tobacco products Illegal drugs Alcoholic drinks Razors Pocket Knives We also strongly recommend campers not bringing valuable jewelry & personal sports equipment.
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