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Farmlife Therapy

Teaching Therapeutic Principles that Last a Lifetime

The unique and healing setting that farmlife provides allows individuals to reach a place of acceptance and humility while removing disruptive patterns that diminish recovery. The intent is to reach a place of personal clarity necessary for empowered healing and acceptance. 

With the support of family, caring professionals, and clinical therapists, the moments earned at SEK allow for a lifetime of breakthroughs and prosperity. 

Modalities will include art, music, team-building, small group counseling, yoga, life-skills training, one-on-one counseling, equine therapy, group engagement activities, and stillness in nature. 

Intensive Therapeutics have proven to be successful treatment paths for those struggling with relationships conflicts, family conflicts, grief, loss, trauma, stress, and other related conncerns. 

The History of SEK
Dr. Alyssa Killebrew is a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with adults and children suffering from mental health and stress concerns such as: grief, anxiety, and depression. 

Alyssa's personal grief journey began in 2019 with the loss of her closest friend, Sara Roberts, to metastatic breast cancer. Shortly after, Dr. Killebrew and her husband, Keath, lost their second daughter to COVID in November 2020. In reponse to these tragic losses, the Killebrews attended grief retreats which inspired them to live life with more intention and ignited their life's mission.

SEK is a tribute to the Killebrew Family's daughter, Sara Elizabeth Killebrew, whom they tragically lost to COVID in 2020.
With a new found purpose and deeper faith, the Killebrews founded SEK to empower others with the lessons they had learned over their 30 year marriage. 

Together, SEK sponsored and hosted 25 adolescents at their personal farm in Flora, MS. Together they began the process of teaching character-building lessons through farming and therapeutic modalitites, such as art, music, farm-to-table nutrition, team-building exercies, yoga, and stillness. 

Tragically, Keath Killebrew passed in a plane crash in December 2021. Alyssa was left with two choices, to quit or to rise on the strength and values that she and Keath had  built throughout their marriage. Alyssa chose to honor and continue the intention she and Keath had built together. Alyssa chose to RISE. 

"To much who is given, much is expected." And so, SEK 2022 will continue because We Rise by Lifting Others. 
SEK 2023 Campers practicing Yoga
SEK has 3 important ingredients: Christian principles, Agricultural lessons, and best mental health practices to help heal childhood grief and trauma. Trauma is an emotional wound.  

Trauma and grief are incredible lessons in spirituality and emotional healing. The character that is built during those difficult times. 


SEK is aimed at teaching our adolescent participants how to grow and learn valuable lessons that only dark times can teach us. Is it fair? Of course not. Is it necessary? Yes of course it is. I don’t know why our young people are handed so much pain in their lives today. We want to be there to help teach them how to walk through it and allow it to turn them into the diamonds they were created to be. 

SEK is an adolescent Christian, agricultural,
 mental health summer weekend-long intensive set forth for July 26-30th, 2024 at Tanglewood in Lawrence, Mississippi. The program has  48 slots and is now accepting adolescents ages 13-17. 

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