SEK is a Non-Denominational Christian Therapeutic Intensive Program.
SEK Christian Therapeutic Intensives is designed to support families and adolescents, ages 13 - 17, struggling with grief and stress. The program provides a treatment process founded in biblical teachings and creative therapy practices. 
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Is SEK the Right Choice for my child? 
We are committed to the success of every camper. 
Prior to admission, each child will undergo an initital evaluation and family review with our clinical therapy team. 

SEK's Mission is to help adoescents and their families find fullfilment through adventure-based outdoor therapies. Participants of SEK Intensives will learn how to create balance through focusing on connections between mind, body and spirit. SEK celebrates healing and mending broken pieces together.
Modalities include art, music, team-building, small group counseling, yoga, life-skills training, one-on-one counseling, group engagement activities, and stillness in nature. 
SEK's Founding Family, the Killebrews.
Dedicated to Serving.
Dr. Alyssa Killebrew is a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with adults and children suffering from mental health and stress concerns such as: grief, anxiety, and depression. 

Alyssa's personal grief journey began in 2019 with the loss of her closest friend, Sara Roberts, to metastatic breast cancer. Shortly after, Dr. Killebrew and her husband, Keath, lost their second daughter to COVID in November 2020. In reponse to these tragic losses, the Killebrews attended grief retreats which inspired them to live life with more intention and ignited their life's mission.

SEK is a tribute to the Killebrew Family's daughter, Sara Elizabeth Killebrew, who they tragically lost to COVID in 2020.

With a new found purpose and deeper faith, the Killebrews founded SEK to empower others with the lessons they had learned over their 30 year marriage.